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My hope is to inspire you to travel, explore, appreciate and protect our wonderful world

We're a gay couple that enjoys traveling and exploring our world. We're fans of the great outdoors and eco-tourism. Forests, jungles, waterfalls, coral reefs and exotic wildlife are our favorites. We always try to leave a minimal footprint on our environment, and fully support conservation efforts and wildlife protection. The only thing you should take are photographs, and the only thing you should leave behind are footprints.

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A few of our adventures include snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro, on safari in Tanzania, trekking through the jungles of Costa Rica and Sumatra, exploring Machu Picchu and the Swiss alps, ziplining in Hawaiibamboo rafting in China, camel riding in India, and abseiling in New Zealand.

Through this travel site you'll join us in exploring this beautiful, diverse planet on which we live
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