About Me


I'll start by saying I was born, and bored, in the United States. Well, not always bored. But the only places we ever traveled to were the homes of our relatives. When I joined the Boy Scouts of America I started gaining a real appreciation for nature and the world around us.

A favorite television show as a child was Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Seeing exotic wildlife in distant lands was so exciting! As an adult, I love travel and nature shows such as The Amazing Race, Planet Earth, Rick Steves' Europe, and House Hunters International. The desire to travel, experience new cultures, explore diverse landscapes, and encounter wildlife intimately close has always been with me.


I've lived outside of the United States. I spent a Summer in Germany when I was a child, and two years in Greece as a young adult. It was probably Greece where I started to feel comfortable while in a foreign land. It gave me the confidence to travel abroad.

My husband and I travel frequently. Sometimes it's just a road trip, other times it's overseas. I'm excited to have a permanent travel companion, and he's excited to explore new places. Our first international trip was Australia. It was a wonderful experience and taught us that international travel was just like domestic travel, but with a passport and a longer flight. We've been traveling abroad ever since!


I'm a computer geek by profession. I'm accustomed to writing technical documents, so I tend to be very sequential and concise. I don't elaborate much. I'm certain this comes across in my blog, for better or worse. lol

I simply share with you where we went and what we did, then let you decide if it's something that interests you. I try to add links so you can peruse the information for yourself. I add photos too, because a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. And I may occasionally add a tip or recommendation.

I've also created and administrate two other websites, Ace Garage Doors and Big Bear Carriages





My motto is usually "Get the best bang for the buck!" We never stay at the cheapest or most expensive lodging. We find some place in between. Reasonably priced, comfortable accommodations, with good reviews. And, of course, location plays a large role as well.

In fact, to locate the perfect accommodation, I usually open Google maps, enter all of the points of interest we wish to see, and then try to find somewhere to stay right in the middle. Walking distance to everything is preferable, but as long as we're near public transit, distances are acceptable.

Since we try to immerse ourselves in the culture, we prefer staying at local bed & breakfasts, lodges, or boutique hotels. American chain hotels are never a consideration. Why would we want to stay at an American hotel in a foreign country? How is that a foreign experience?

My husband and I travel as often as work, and our budget, will allow. I hope you will find our experiences of some use to you.

Happy travels

- WanderLust Mike

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